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Compliance Services

Almost every business is subject to at least one set of security or privacy rules… and sometimes more. For most organizations, compliance with these rules is tedious, confusing, and downright frustrating. This is where Mentality steps in and offers to manage the compliance process for you.  Go ahead, breathe a huge sigh of relief and take your business to the next level by allowing us to relieve you of compliance headaches and make the process streamlined and intuitive ultimately giving you peace of mind knowing we have your back. 

What We Offer



Compliance The Right Way
The process of assessing and maintaining compliance to any standard is the same, regardless of industry:

  • Start with a complete understanding of all the rules that you are expected to follow.
  • Establish internal policies and procedures to ensure your organization follows the rules.
  • Regularly check and assess whether or not your organization is following the rules.
  • Address issues whenever you discover the rules are not being followed.
  • Document everything.

With various compliance modules available to our clients covering HIPAA, PCI, or NIST guidelines, we are here to ensure your business stays in compliance at all times in accordance with your industry standards and regulations.

Full-Service Cyber Insurance Guidance

With an alarming uptick in data breaches and ransomware in recent years, an increasing number of businesses have opted to add Cyber Risk Insurance to protect themselves from catastrophic loss.

But as the threat landscape continues to expand, many insurance companies are restricting payouts by creating more claim exceptions and exclusions. Some of these are clearly stated, while others are hidden within confusing policy applications. This leaves many policy-holders vulnerable to holding the short-end of the stick when the insurer looks to disqualify a claim.

Our Cyber Insurance System ensures that companies with Cyber Risk Insurance actually get paid in the event of a claim by automatically verifying the accuracy of information submitted on the original insurance application and then documenting on an ongoing basis, that the business has used “due care” to reasonably secure their computer network against a breach. We also can guide and consult on appropriate Cyber Insurance coverage for your business through our industry leading broker.


Vulnerability Assessments

As new vulnerabilities emerge daily, it’s important that organizations regularly scan their environments to proactively identify issues that could jeopardize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. Our team of professionals can partner with your existing IT staff to identify, quantify, and even prioritize remediation efforts as vulnerabilities are discovered.

Mentality Compliance Manager

Process Wizard. Your list of Compliance To-Dos is maintained for you by the system, and each task is automatically crossed off and marked complete as we go.

Automatic Data Collection. The system automatically collects a ton of information that would otherwise have to be gathered manually with other tools, saving time.

Web-based Management Portal. Whether your compliance footprint is contained to a single site and entity, or spans across dozens or even hundreds of them, everything is managed through a single, centralized web portal.

Multi-role Architecture. While a single person can run a complete compliance assessment, the system is set up to allow multiple information stake-holders to directly input the information they have; and a technician, administrator, and internal auditor each can participate in the process at key points.

Automatic Data Validation. The system automatically compares answers to questions with the information it automatically gathers and highlights exceptions where the two don’t match.

Multiple Compliance Standards. The Compliance Manager role-based platform is versatile enough to support virtually any compliance standard. Several are already built into the tool, with additional standards being added on a regular basis.

Mentality Compliance Manager, it’s like having a compliance officer in a box.

With Mentality, you can “grow as you go.” This means you have the flexibility to start with the managed IT services that make the most sense for your organization, and then grow with us as your needs grow.